Key Passages

  • Rom. 8.14-17
  • Gal.4.4-7
  • Jn.1.12
  • Heb. 2.10


  • sons
  • adoption
  • Abba

Reading List


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NOTES On the Key Passages:

  • Rom. 8.14-17 “tekna” in vs. 16-17 can be translated as “sons” since that’s what the author intended given the context. Paul’s simply using a synonym since “tekna” can be a male or female child.
  • Gal.4.4-7
  • Jn.1.12 “children of God” can also be translated “sons of God” [we all know that “children” is more inclusive, but “sons” is more in keeping with a consistent biblical theology of sonship.

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