Yeshua n Father r One

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Alternate Labels

  • Counselor
  • Comforter
  • Spirit of Truth
  • Holy Father
  • Trinity

Key Passages

  • In the Gospel of John 10:30; Messiah Yeshua said, “I and the Father are One.”  Yeshua does not include a third person of a Trinity. Yeshua speaks directly to and about His Heavenly Father. Careful examination of Scripture is required to correct erroneous assumptions about the Spirit of Holiness.
  • John 14:16-17; Yeshua will, “ask the Father (who is: an-other) Counselor, giving to you, so that with you and in eternity remains, the Spirit of Truth. The creation, not able to grasp, because; not perceiving Him, not even knowing. You know Him because beside you abides and in you exists.”
  • John 14:26; “this is also, the Counselor, the Spirit of Holiness within the  Father, in my name, He teaches  (you) everything and bringing to remembrance, to you every word of mine.”
  • John 15:26; “When coming; encouragement; that i will send you; closeness of the Father, this Spirit of Holiness; the closeness of the Father flowing out; that “ONE” (Father) will testify about me.”
  • John 16:13; “Whenever comes the Father ,the Spirit of Truth, teaching you in this Truth completely, not speaking of Himself, but listening, then speaking, and at that moment explaining to you.”
  • John 16:14-15; Messiah Yeshua explains that the Father will reveal Himself within the mind of His Son’s disciples. The Father reminds disciples of Yeshua’s words of Truth and teaches everyone to become like His Son. The Father is the Spirit of Holy Oneness that abides in Messiah Yeshua and also in His disciples.
  • John 14:6-7; Col 1:13-14; 15-16;
  • John 10:30; 37-38;
  • John 4:23-24;
  • John 5:37;
  • Exodus 20:4; 5; 6;

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