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Order of workflow support

Bold indicates a Logos-supplied workflow; otherwise the workflow is shared by another user. Workflows that are personal copies of public workflows, tests, or incomplete are not included. The shared Bibliography “Books with workflows available” includes only the books in my library.

  1. Logos supplied workflows and workflows tied to Logos/Verbum resources
  2. Traditional workflows: Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, Orthodox
  3. Workflows tied to books not currently in Logos/Verbum
  4. Original language support
  5. Seminary support
  6. Bible interpretation questions: methods, presuppositions, individuals
  7. Workflows from the web
  8. Workflows from individual users

Support for Logos resources and tools

Abernathy, Andrew T.
Allen, David
Assembly of God
  • A/G Expository Sermon Preparation
  • A/G Topical Sermon Preparation
Boa, Kenneth and John Alan Turner
Chapell, Bryan
Coe, John H.
Collins, Jack
  • OT Exp. | Dr. Jack Collins’s Genesis 1-4: A Literary, and Theological Commentary.
Duvall, J. Scott and J. Daniel Hays
Eary, Lisa A.
Edwards, Jonathan
Fee, Gordon
Fields, Lee M.
  • Psalm Genre Diagnosis (A Passage Workflow following Wendland) | Wendland, Ernest. Analyzing the Psalms, 2nd ed.; Dallas: SIL International, Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2002.
Finzel, Hans
French, Robert A.
Gorman, Michael
Hagerty, Sara
Hamilton, Donald L.
Harmon, Matthew S.
Heiser, Michael
  • Michael Heiser’s Bible Research Method
Hilgemann, Brandon
  • Sermon Prep | Hilgemann, Brandon. Preaching Nuts & Bolts: Conquer Sermon Prep, Save Time, and Write Better Messages. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016)
Hyatt, Michael
Irenaeus of Lyon
Jewish Publication Society
Kaiser, Walter C. Jr.
Keller, Tim
  • Expository Sermon Prep (Tim Keller’s Method) | Tim Keller’s Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism. The specific details of his method can be found in “Appendix: Writing An Expository Message” (pp. 213-240)
Klein, William W., Craig Blomberg, and Robert L. Hubbard
Koleoso, Tope
Krol, Peter
Logos staff
  • Basic Bible Study
  • Biblical Person Study
  • Biblical Place Study
  • Biblical Theme Study
  • Biblical Topic Study
  • Devotional
  • English Word Study
  • Expository Sermon Preparation
  • Inductive Bible Study | see Irving L. Jensen and Kay Arthur’s works
  • Lectio Divina
  • Passage Exegesis
  • Praying Scripture | from multiple resources
  • Precept Chapter Study | from Precept Ministries International
  • Theological Topic Study
  • Topical Sermon Preparation
  • Word Study (Original Language Study)
Luther, Martin (and Philip Melanchthon)
Merida, Tony
Moody, D.L.
Osborne, Grant R.
Packer, J. I.
  • J. I. Packer’s Three Sets of Questions: Exegetical, Hermeneutical, and Practical | Packer, J. I. Engaging the Written Word of God. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers; Paternoster: Thinking Faith, 1999.
Patte, Daniel
Richard, Ramesh
  • Sermon Preparation Workflow | Ramesh Richard, Preparing Expository Sermons: A Seven-Step Method for Biblical Preaching (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2001).
  • Ssp | Ramesh Richard, Preparing Expository Sermons: A Seven-Step Method for Biblical Preaching (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2001).
Robinson, Haddon
  • Haddon Robinson’s Ten Stages for Preparing Expository Sermons | Robinson, Haddon. Biblical Preaching. 3rd edition.
Singleton, Tyler
  • Tyler Singleton’s Sermon Preparation Method | “8 Hours or less” by Ryan Huguely, “The Heart is the Target” by Murray Capill, Christ Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell, The Christ Centered Expositor by Tony Merida, and notes on Expository Preaching (Duane Milioni)
Smith, Martha J.
Sparks, Jack Norman
Stibbs, Alan M.
Stuart, Douglas
Taylor, Preston A.
Traina, Robert A
Vines, Jerry and Jim Shaddix
Wade, Francis H.
Ward, Mark
Warren, Rick
West, Ralph
Witherup, Ronald D.
Whitney, Donald S.
Wiesbe, W.W.
Wilhoit, Jim and Leland Ryken
  • Teen: Finding the Big Idea | Effective Bible Teaching by Jim Wilhoit and Leland Ryken, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1988.
  • Teen: Narrative Study | Effective Bible Teaching by Jim Wilhoit and Leland Ryken, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1988.
  • Teen: Proverbs | Effective Bible Teaching by Jim Wilhoit and Leland Ryken, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1988.
York, Dr.
Zuck, Roy B.

Traditional: Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, Orthodox

Barron. Bishop Robert
Eary, Lisa A.
Irenaeus of Lyon
Jewish Publication Society
Jordan, James B.
Kolel: The Adult Centre for Liberal Learning
Lovrick, Peter
Luther, Martin (and Philip Melanchthon)
Naugle, David
Sparks, Jack Norman
Wade, Francis H.
Ware, Kallistos
Witherup, Ronald D.

Support for books not currently in Logos/Verbum

Armstrong, Karen
Barron. Bishop Robert

Original language support

Seminary support

Baptist College of Florida
Boone, Dan - Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Dan Boone’s Preaching The Story That Shapes Us Method (Trevecca Nazarene University) | Brown, Dan. Preaching The Story That Shapes Us. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 2008.
Burer, Michael | Dallas Theological Seminary
  • DTS NT5104 Exegetical Paper
Brock, Bryan – Maranatha Baptist University
  • DIAMOND Sermon Creator
Calvary Chapel Bible College
  • TH416: Historical & Cultural Background Study
Cara, Robert J. | Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Cara’s Exegesis Method
Crabtree, Dan – Faith Bible College International (via Billy Sudduth)
  • Sudduth Narrative Sermon Workflow | Edwards, J. Kent. Effective First-Person Biblical Preaching. Zondervan, 2005.
Finlay, Tim
  • Practice Inductive Workflow | GBBL 511
Grace Seminary
  • Grace Seminary BIB4060/PM6210 Exegesis and Sermon Outline
Grow, Kyle for Dr. Baugh’s NTI requirements
  • NTI
Harmon, Jerry R. – Grace Bible Baptist Church
  • A.R.R.O.W. – Sermon Building
Ingino, Steven
  • Gospel-Centered Preaching, Ingino NEW Workflow Final 2022
Kentucky Mountain Bible College
  • Basic Greek Word Study for KMBC Students
Knight, Josiah
  • SSC (Synthetic Sermon Creator) | from Maranatha Baptist University’s Diamond Method, Dever and Gilbert’s method, and Robinson’s method
London Reformed Baptist Seminary
  • LRBS Steps to Message Preparation
Miller, Joseph R.
  • 5 Day Planner for Expository-Narrative Sermons
Murray, Jacob
  • 15 Exegetical Steps #drMurray@JacobM
Neuma College
  • Neuma-Biblical Interpretation 21- Exegetical Template | Blomberg, Craig L., and Jennifer Foutz Markley. A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2010.
  • Neuma-Theology21-Project1-(Doctrine)
Pack, Andrew – Western Seminary
  • Andrew Pack – Hermeneutical Process | BT 501
Robinson, Haddon via Jud Lake – Southern Adventist University
  • Haddon Robinson’s Ten Stages for Preparing Expository Sermons | Robinson, Haddon. Biblical Preaching. 3rd edition.
Sanders, Carl – Lancaster Bible College
  • BTC 563 Process | Bible interpretation
Schmitt, Dr.
  • Eight Steps of Sermon Preparation – 02/08/2021
  • Full Sermon Preparation | The Tapestry of Preaching: A Fourfold Method of Sermon Preparation by Rev. Dr. David Schmitt 2004
Soden, John – Lancaster Bible College
  • 536 HB Clausal analysis flow
  • 536 HB Discourse and structure: developing the message
  • 536 HB Research, theology, and theological idea
Street, A. D.
  • Expository Preaching
Sudduth, Billy
  • Sudduth Presentation Workflow (topical class presentation)

Bible interpretation questions

ChatGPT (openai chatbot)

By method

By presuppositions

By individual

Bard (Google chatbot)

Note these workflows expect a familarity with the interpreters’ works through your Logos/Verbum library. The intent is to cover McKim, Donald K., ed. Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters. Downers Grove, IL; Nottingham, England: InterVarsity Press, 2007. to the degree possible through Bard.

Drawn from the web

Addis, Andy
Berger, Lonnis
Christian Service Brigade
Clarion Call, The
Ephesiology: 4 Fields Training
Gallaty, Robby
  • H.E.A.R.
  • H.E.A.R. Bible Devotion | Gallary, Robby. Foundations: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Believers. Lifeway Press, 2015.
  • H.E.A.R. (Expanded) Bible Study
  • H.E.A.R. Journal | What is a HEAR Journal?
Gelabert, Pedro
Gray, Brad
Harvestime International Institute
Knox, Grahame
Orwell Bible Church
Piper, John
Rogers, Matt
Verkruyse, Peter

Individual contributions

Abel, Bill
  • Inductive Bible Study Method – BA
Anderson, Peter
  • Communicating for Change Expository Work Flow
Bechtel, Kenny
  • Kenny’s Sermon Prep Guide
Bible Study Fellowship
  • Personal Quiet Time (BSF)
Boeschoten, Grant van
  • Discipleship Group Study Preperation Guide
Bridges, Brenden
  • Carey Neiuoff – Sermon Prep flow <sic>
  • Research Assistant | Preparatory step from Carey Neiuoff – Sermon Prep flow
Brothers, Kirk
  • Exegesis: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” Approach
Brown, Philip and Jason Albertson
  • Basic Greek Word Study – Inductive Method
Burkholder, Hilton
  • Sermon Prep
Chaney, Tim
  • TC Workflow
Clark, Ben
  • Devotions
  • Sermon Preparation Workflow
Coakley, Jim
  • Geographical/Historical Workflow 2
Collins, Mike
  • Expository Sermon – Mike
Cornhill Proclamation Trust
Daughtry, Robert
  • Preaching
Diehl, Brad
  • Homeletical Bridge Workflow (sic)
Cordeiro, Wayne (uncertain attribution)
  • SOAP
Dietrich, Joshua and Janelle
  • Devotional CPR | Acronyms CPR and DARE
Eaton, Rick
  • Rick Sermon prep Option 1
Emmott, Eleanor
  • My Sermon Preparation
Erwin, Jim
  • Sermon Application Workflow
Ewert, Michael
  • Resolving the Greek Participle
Fallahee, John

Note that in some cases, John Fallahee uses a workflow as a customized guide.

  • Devotional Bible Study (
  • Inductive Bible Study Workflow-Enhanced (
  • Steps for Dealing with Difficult Passages Workflow (
  • Uber Bible Reference Workflow (
  • Uber Bible Word (English) Workflow (
  • Uber Bible Word (Lemma) Workflow (
  • Uber Biblical Event Workflow (
  • Uber Biblical Person Workflow (
  • Uber Biblical Place Workflow (
  • Uber Preaching Theme Workflow (
  • Uber Theological Theme Workflow (
  • Uber Topic Workflow (
Faith E Church Leadership Team
  • Quiet Time – Faith E Church
Fernandez, Max
  • Max_Expository Message Prep
Finochio, Nathan
  • Nathan Finochio Sermon Workflow
Forrest, Paul
  • My Sermon Prep Workflow
Franco, Hector
  • Hector’s Sermon Prep | 5 day work plan
French, Michael
  • Michael French’s Biblical Background of a Passage
Friske, Caleb
  • MBU 7 Step Sermon-Builder
Foster, Chad M.
  • Sermon Prep Workflow
Grant, Karl
  • Nadasdy’s Beautiful Sermon Workflow
Gray, Casey
  • SermonLong
  • Sermon
Greenfield, Logan
  • Long-Term Sermon Preparation Workflow
Harbin, Sam
  • CSGS Epistolary Interpretation
Hawkins, Neal
  • Teen: Four Steps to Inductive Bible Study
  • Teen: Revelation
Haywood, Matt
  • Matt’s Sermon Prep
Helm, David
  • COMA Questions | Helm, David. One-to-one Bible Reading. Sydney: Matthias Media, 2020.
Hood, Atréju
  • Morning Bible Study
  • Prayer Workflow (Atréju Hood)
Hubbard, Greg
  • Hub Serm Prep
  • 7 Step Hermeneutic Process (ICBM)
Johnson, Clif
  • Epistle Exegetical Guide Sheet
Johnson, Floyd
  • SPECTS Bible Study | source not given
Johnson, LaRosa

Note the workflows of LaRosa Johnson use the Logos tools extensively.

  • BibleStudy.Tips Bible Survey Study
  • BibleStudy.Tips Character Study
  • BibleStudy.Tips Cross-Reference Study
  • BibleStudy.Tips HEART Journaling
  • BibleStudy.Tips Inductive Bible Study
  • BibleStudy.Tips Topical Study
  • BibleStudy.Tips Word Study (English)
Kavonius, Gregory
  • Greg’s Passage Study | Sunday School preparation
Keathley IV, Hampton
  • Full Parable Workflow
  • The Parabolic Sayings of Luke 4, 5, 6, 7
Keller, Tim
  • Tim Keller Devotional (Long Version)
  • Tim Keller Devotional (Short Version)
  • Psalm meditation (Tim Keller) | Tim Keller “The Songs of Jesus”
Leak, Mike
  • How to Teach the Bible with Logos
Lee, Connor
  • Interpreting the Bible @PBA v.2022.01.19
Mathis, Greg
  • Expository Praying
Matula, Nick
  • Nick’s Sermon Workflow
McCourt, Craig
  • My Sermon Prep
Maxwell, Kathy
  • Interpreting the Bible @PBA v.2022.01.19 | multiple sources
McLean Bible Church
  • M.A.P.S. Guide to Personal Worship
Miller, Ben
  • Sermon Preparation Workflow
Moore Josh
  • 🔥
  • Sermon Prep
Nkwambi, Vincent
  • Meditation | Retentio-Contemplatio-Dilectio
Orr, Jim
  • Bible Reading Notes
  • Bible Study: Narrative
  • Custom Bible Study Preparation
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Psalms Praising
Pace, R. Scott
  • Process of Interpretation | R. Scott Pace. Preaching by the Book.
Pack, Andrew
  • Pack Exegetical Steps – English | Various
Park, David Sung-eun
  • David’s Sermon Prep
Phillips, Caleb
  • Caleb’s Study Method
Reynolds, Erik
  • Morning Bible Study
Ricoeur, Paul via Mark Schuler
  • Schuler, Mark: Textual Study ver. 4
Rosner, Ridley
  • *Ridley Rosner’s Regular Reading Routine
Schnitzler, Thomas
  • Book Bible Study
Scott, John R.
  • Scripture Study (MBTS Process) | Based on Integrating Christian Faith and Practice Seminar from MidWestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Scott, Jonathan
  • Imprinted Bible Reading Journal
  • Imprinted Personal Devotional Guide
  • Imprinted Sermon Study!!!!!! Scott, Eric
  • Sermon Prep
  • Sermon 1: Engage It! | 14 days before sermon
  • Sermon 2: Study It! | 12 days before sermon
  • Sermon 3: Craft It! | 7 days before sermon
  • Sermon 4: Draft It! | 5 days before sermon
Segura, Melanie Mercedes
  • Quick Discovery | Event
Shifferd, Scott J.
  • Expository Sermon Prep
Shirk, Jason
  • Harvest Hills Hebrew Parallelism Bible Study Method | various
  • Harvest Hills Parable Bible Study Method
Simeon Trust
  • Simeon Trust – Biblical Exposition
  • Simeon Trust Exposition | Simeon Trust Method for sermon prep
  • Simeon Trust Workflow | Simeon Trust Small group preparation worksheet
  • Simeon Trust Worksheet | Simeon Trust Small Group Sermon Preparation Worksheet
Simmons, Nathanial

These workflows are set up as checklists rather than having user content within the workflow.

  • SI Biblical Poetry Workflow
  • SI Exegeis to Exposition Workflow
  • SI Exegetical Workflow
  • SI Narrative Workflow
Skaggs, Joshua
  • ML’s Deep Study Updated
Snead, David
  • The Three-Hour Sermon
Steinert, Doug
  • Doug’s Workflow
Stewart, Samuel
  • Sam Stewart Circles of Context
  • WOLBI Student Devo
Symons, Don
  • Sermon Prep Workflow
Tate, Allen
  • CCExp
Thomas, David
  • Textual Sermon Prep
Thornton, Shawn Christopher
  • Identity In Christ
Trick, Doug
  • Book Study prior to drafting translation (MATS Sample)
Turner, Bob
  • Grounded & Guided: Thoughts Grounded In & Prayers Guided By God’s Word
Watson, Thomas
  • Scriptural Mediation Following the Pattern of Thomas Watson <sic> | source not identified
Walsh, Liam
  • Fear & Trembling: a Blend of Puritan and Modern Meditation | Thomas Boston, Thomas Watson, Donald Whitney, Tim Keller
Watson, William
  • WW Bible Book Overview & Background Workflow
Willis, Bishop Kevin B.
  • Bishop Kevin B. Willis Strategic Preaching Workflow
Wood, Robb
  • B.E.A.T Bible Study
Woody, Michael
  • Woody Sermon Prep
Zieske, Brandon
  • Prep flow for preaching/teaching AOC
Zoll, Andrew
  • Principles of Interpretation Study

Languages other than English

Alfonso, Jose Luis
  • Flujo de estudio Bíblico Avanzado 0.1 – JLA
Archanjo, Moisés
  • Guia-Sermão
Arthur, Kay
  • Precepto Estudio Capitulo (trad)
Beltrán, Marcos Alejandro Castillo
Cardin, Hélder
  • Estudo macro de livros bíblicos
Cavazos, Marcos Rodriguez Cavazos
  • La vida de Juan el amado, sus epístolas
Chapell, Bryan
  • Preparación de sermones centrados en Cristo
  • Sermão Cristocentrico
  • Sermão Cristocêntrico
Chaves, Arthur
  • Exegese Método João Paulo
Clemente, André
  • 8 Dicas de como iniciar um sermão
  • Sermão – Expositivo
Cordeiro, Wayne
  • Lee y ora las Escrituras | SOAP
Dorneles, Taison Belmonte Seling
  • Método Exegético Sem. Dorneles
Fee, Gordon
  • Exegese NT completa (Gordon Fee) ATOS
  • Gordon Fee – Exegesis del Nuevo Testamento
  • Devoción diaria | Yessi Florez, Manual de Escuelitas Langham (Iglesia Palabra de Vida, 2015).
Friesen, Julian
  • Bibelkunde | Buch der Bibel
Frutuoso, Marcus
  • Sermão Expositivo
Hilgemann, Brandon
  • 설교 준비하기 (번역)
Hyatt, Michael
  • Sermão Exegese & Preparação (Pt)
Keller, Tim
  • Devocional Tim Keller (Versão Curta) (Pt)
  • Método de Estudio Expositivo Tim Keller
  • Tim Keller – Guia Devocional en Español
  • 매일성경 묵상하기
Kingdom of God
  • 매일묵상(Long Version)
Klassen, Eduard
  • Einleitungen und Schlüsse neutestamentlicher Briefe
Meléndez, Louis
  • La Lectio Divina
Minard, Timothée
  • Étudier un texte biblique en 8 étapes
Monger, Matthew
  • Arbeidsskjema H21 | Biblical events
  • 1 Método de Estudio Bíblico Devocional
Packer, J.I.
  • Estudo Bíblico Puritano (Packer) | J.I. Packer, no livro Os Gigantes de Deus
Piper, John
  • Método de Perguntas de John Piper (Pt)
  • Método “Fazendo Perguntas”, John Piper | John Piper “How to Read the Bible for Yourself” (Como ler a Bíblia para você mesmo)
Ramsey, Richard B.
  • Estudio Del Griego y Exegesis Full | Richard B. Ramsay, Griego y Exégesis: Un manual práctico que enseña los fundamentos del griego y la exégesis, incluyendo el uso de programas computacionales (Miami, FL: Editorial CLIE, 2006), 29.
Robinson, Haddon
  • Os dez estágios de Haddon Robinson para preparar sermões expositivos (PT)
  • Pregação Bíblica
Santos, Winne
  • Meditação Puritana |Beeke, Joel. Espiritualidade Reformada: Uma Teologia Prática para a Devoção a Deus . Editora Fiel.
  • 시가서 연구(에스라)
Stadelmann, Helge and Thomas Richter
  • Zehn Schritte Methode – Stadelmann & Richter | Stadelmann, Helge; Richter, Thomas. Bibelauslegung praktisch: In zehn Schritten den Text verstehen. 8. überarbeitete Auflage. Aufl. Witten: SCM R. Brockhaus, 2017.
Turbanisch, Ruben
  • Exegese und hochkreativ predigen
Warren, Rick
  • Étude • Étude de personnages | Rick Warren. « Méthodes d’étude de la Bible » Apple Books.
  • Étude • La méditation | Rick Warren. « Méthodes d’étude de la Bible » Apple Books. * Étude • Résumé de chapitre | Rick Warren. « Méthodes d’étude de la Bible » Apple Books.
  • Método de Estudio Biblico Devocional Rick Warren | “Métodos de estudio bíblico personal, 12 formas de estudiar la Biblia tu solo
  • Método de Estudio Bíblico Estudio de Una Palabra Rick Warren | “Métodos de estudio bíblico personal, 12 formas de estudiar la Biblia tu solo
Wiersbe, W. W.
  • Questões Básicas de Estudo de Wiersbe (PT) | Wiersbe, W. W. (2018). Delícias e disciplinas de estudo bíblico: um guia para estudar a palavra de Deus. Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook.

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