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Reading List

This list of resources is maintained by all Logos users who wish to be involved. To access this list within Logos:
     1. open “reading list” from the library section of the tool menu
     2. select “all lists” to open the search window
     3. search for “web resources” in the reading list panel
     4. this reading list should appear; clicking on the links will open the appropriate web site

For specific topics, use the Reading List and Topic Search functions built into Logos 4.

The table of contents is removed until Logos adds the appropriate logic to the code.

1. General

1.5 Journals

1.6 Maps, charts and diagrams

1.7 Book reviews and ratings

2. History

2.5 Bible Background

3. Texts

3.3 Jewish writings

4. Theology & Philosophy

4.1 Bible studies

4.1.1 ISSL (International Sunday School Lessons)

4.2 General theology

Logos Topics

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