True Love: UnConditional or Covenant

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  • Love
  • True Love
  • Covenant

Key Passages

  • 1Jn 4:16; And so we know and rely on the love (The Heavenly Father) has for us. (Eloheyem The Father) is love. Whoever lives in love; lives in (The Father), and (The Spirit of The Father) lives in us.  
  • John 14:15; 14:16; 14:17; What is True Love? The words of the Bible speak to our hearts. We long to be loved. Does the Creator of Life; Love everyone unconditionally?Yeshua existed eternally with his heavenly Father in a perfect harmony of heart and mind. Their family name: Eloheyem expresses unity and oneness in their Spirit of Holiness.
  • Jn 1:1; 1:14; 15:9; 15:10; Yeshua entered the physical creation and lived obediently to his Father’s commands to teach mankind right behavior which is love towards his Father and everyone. Love is a relationship dependent upon understanding, trust, and agreement in Truth. A covenant relationship is based upon clearly defined rules and boundaries that equally protect and benefit the members in the agreement. All of creation reveals the precision of orderly design. The unchanging character of the Father and Son; maintains uniformity that is law and truth. The spirit of the law is the Genesis of Love. 
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