Society of Jewish Science documents

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  • Church documents:Society of Jewish Science
  • New thought church documents

Reading List

Reading List

  • Jewish Science and Health: The text book of Jewish Science, by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein. ISBN 0-943745-00-4
  • Jewish Science: Divine healing in Judaism with special reference to Jewish scripture and prayer, by Rabbi Alfred G. Moses.
  • Jewish Science: Psychology of health, joy and success or the applied, by Rabbi Alfred G. Moses.
  • Applied Judaism, by Tehilla Lichtenstein
  • Peace of Mind, by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein
  • How to Live, by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein
  • The Healing of the Soul, by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein
  • Healing the Distressed, by Rabbi Steven J. Kaplan
  • Judaism, by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein
  • Joy of Life, by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein
  • From Christian Science to Jewish Science: Spiritual Healing and American Jews. by Ellen M. Umansky

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