Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Virtues

1. Pride
How to Rid: Confession and Service
1. Humility

2. Envy
How to Rid: Faith
2. Contentment
How to Put On: Faith

3. Anger
How to Rid: Silence
3. Peace
How to Put On: Forgiveness

4. Gluttony
How to Rid: Fasting
How to Put On: Self-control

5. Lust
How to Rid: Fellowship
5. Love
How to Put On: Respect For Others

6. Greed
How to Rid: Sabbath
6. Generosity
How to Put On: Liberality

7. Sloth
How to Rid: Worship
7. Passion
How to Put On: Desiring God

Suggested Books:

Tomlin, Graham. The Seven Deadly Sins: And How To Overcome Them.

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