Sacrifice a Work of Faith

Reading List

Alternate Labels

  • Sacrifice
  • Sacrificial Works
  • Works of the Law
  • Animal Sacrifice
  • Sacrifice of Obedience

Key Passages

  • Genesis 4: 3-4; Logos established the appointed time for remembering the sacrifice that covers our sins with the mercy and forgiveness of the Eternal’s faithful love. Genesis records Abel’s offering an acceptable sacrifice of remembrance. Noah and Abraham also presented thank offerings and sacrifices at the appointed time. These sacrifices are examples of required “works of the law.” The appointed time is an opportunity to grow in faith and draw close to Logos the Eternal by presenting an acceptable sacrifice. 
  • Genesis 8:20; 15:9-10; 11-12; 13-14; 17:21-22; 23; 18:14; 21:1-2; 3-4; Ex 12:1-2; 3; 6; 7; 8; 13; 14; 40-41; 42;
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