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  • Driscoll, Jeremy, Steps to Spiritual Perfection: Studies on Spiritual Progress in Evagrius Ponticus. See Abba Poemen, “It is the Holy Spirit Who Says That” (pp. 137-139)
  • Augustine of Hippo, Expositions of the Psalms 1-32 (III15) (Works of Saint Augustine)/. See Introduction (pp. 60)
  • Cameron, Michael, Christ Meets Me Everywhere: Augustine’s Early Figurative Exegesis (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology). See “Who Speaks Here?” The Work of Prosopological Exegesis et. al. (pp. 171 ff.)
  • Bates, Matthew W. The Hermeneutics of the Apostolic Proclamation: The Center of Paul’s Method of Scriptural Interpretation. See Chapter 4. “Introducing Prosopological Exegesis” and Chapter 5 “Prosopological exegesis in Paul’s Letters”.

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