NT281 How We Got the New Testament

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Trainer: Michael S. Heiser
A Logos m.Ed training course by Michael S. Heiser available individually or as part of the Text of the Bible Bundle. The course is also included in Mobile Education New Testament: Foundational Program of Study and up. Join the associated Faithlife group to get the note file document for the course and to discuss the course with other participants.

In this course, Dr. Mike Heiser explains the story of how we got the New Testament—he guides you from the process of inspiration to the discovery and transmission of manuscripts. Dr. Heiser describes the role of scribes throughout time and discusses significant Greek New Testament manuscripts upon which modern translations are based. Because most students of the Bible read it in their own language, he also examines translation philosophies and controversies.

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NT281 How We Got the New Testament | Michael S. Heiser

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