Man of Sin, Image of Jealousy

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Alternate Labels

  • Mystery of Lawlessness
  • Image of Jealousy
  • Mystery Babylon
  • 666 Mark of the Beast

Key Passages

  • Exodus 20:3-4; 5; Yehawah spoke all the words of the Covenant 10 Commandments to Israel. Only Yehawah Eloheyem is to be worshiped and all false gods are forbidden. No idol, image, or likeness may be created as a substitution for Yehawah. Yehawah is a jealous Eloheyem and judges the injustices of the fathers for teaching generations of children iniquity and hatred of Yehawah’s Covenant 10 Commandments.
  • Ezekiel 16:5; 6; 7; 8; 9; Yehawah Eloheyem entered into a marriage Covenant with Israel by speaking the 10 Commandments into their hearts and minds. Moses also ascended Mount Sinai to receive the Covenant tablets written in stone by the finger of Yehawah. For 40 days the Israelites waited impatiently and became unfaithful by asking Aaron to form an image of a golden calf to be their god. Israel’s unfaithfulness would continually provoke Yehawah’s anger and bring just punishment for their sins. 
  • Galatians 3:16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; Abraham listen to Yehawah’s voice and obeyed His laws from a heart of Faith. Yehawah also appeared to Abraham as Melchizedek and received the Covenant of Promise. 430 years later, Israel refused to listen , so Yehawah established the Levitical priesthood as mediators to offer sacrifice as a sign of Yehawah’s willingness to mercifully restore His Covenant union of loving kindness. The sacrificial “Works of the Law” did not produce the Righteous Obediance that comes from Faithful Love for Yehawah and His Covenant 10 Commandments. Messiah Yeshua came to restore the priesthood of Melchizedek, and share His Spiritual Love for His Heavenly Father’s Laws by being a Living sacrifice of Faithful Obedience as an example for disciples to follow.
  • The Choice: 2 Goats & 1 Savior 

  • Leviticus 16:7-8; 9; On the Day of atonement, 2 seemingly identical goats are presented before Yehawah’s tent of meeting. One goat is chosen as an acceptable pure, sinless sacrificial offering to Yehawah.

Lev 16:10; Jn 12:31; 16:11; The second goat represents Azazel the scapegoat that carries the guilt for sin. The Azazel goat is cast out as an example of Yehawah’s just condemnation of Satan for tempting mankind into lawlessness. The Atonement Mercy and Justice became perverted by the pagan idolatrous worship of the Scape Goat. 

  • Micah 6:7; 8; Lev 20:1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; Jer 19:4; 5; The pagan practice of substitution sacrifices perverted Israel’s understanding of Yehawah’s Pure Atonement offering of Mercy. Israel’s hearts became corrupted by the unjust sacrificing of the innocent to excuse the freeing of the guilty.
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