Lectio Divina

Reading List

This reading list serves as an introduction to Lectio Divina

Verbum and web resources



Spiritual formation

  • Hope in Unexpected Places | An example of group lectio divina based on the Magnificat; includes links to 3 lectio divina websites
  • Eastern Orthodox Interpretation | Tangentially related look at Orthodox practice: “Christian liturgy, from its inception, has been an instrumental mode of ‘performative’ interpretation, an embodied participation in the living Word.”

Guided lectio divina resources

  • The Catholic Prayer Bible: Lectio Divina Edition (not available in Logos)

Vita passiva: Oratio, meditatio, tentatio faciunt theologum

And now from the other side

It is useful to know what is being written by those frightened by lectio divina – sometimes because of misinformation, sometimes because of theological assumptions.

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