Hugh of St. Cher

Type: Person

Alternate Labels

  • Hugh of St. Cher
  • Hugh of St-Cher
  • Hugh of Saint-Cher
  • Hugo of Sancto Caro
  • Hugo de Sancto Caro

Reading List

1. About Hugh of St. Cher

1.1. Articles in Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Hugh of St. Cher | Christian Cyclopedia
  • Hugo of Sancto Caro | Cyclopædia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, Vols. I–X—A–Z
  • Hugh of St. Cher | Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters (Second Edition of HHMBI)
  • Hugh of St. Cher (c. 1195-1263) | Historical Handbook of Major Biblical Interpreters (HHMBI)
  • Hugo St. Cher | The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge Embracing Biblical, Historical, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology and Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Biography from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, Volume I–XII

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