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Only if they are unique online resources. The topics will be used in Logos Bible Software, which automatically finds relevant articles in electronic books. A Wikipedia link is useful, because it’s not a book that’s likely to appear in Logos or another digital library. But links to electronic editions of paper books aren’t as distinctive.

What formatting options are available?

  • Italics - Enclose in / to italicize.
  • Bold - Enclose in * to Bold.
  • Bold Italic - Start with */ to bold and Italicize. End with /* to close the bold and Italic formatting.
  • Headings – Precede by Exclamation marks, !, to define Heading Level (!=level 1, !!=level 2, !!!=level 3, etc)
  • Bullets – Precede line by “* ” to make a bullet statement. Notice the space after the “*”.
  • Hyperlinks – Begin a hyperlink with [[. After the brackets put the link name. Follow the name with space and >>. Follow >> with a space and the page name or URL (address). Close the hyperlink with ]].

For a full description of the wiki markup, see EdgeWiki Formatting.

What are these {{?set category::topic}} lines?

These define semantic relationships for the page. Semantic relationships can be used to find particular pages. They apply to the whole page, not just a particular section.

How can I create a reading list?

See the Reading List Instructions.

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