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Alternate Labels
Other words or phrases that are essentially equivalent to the topic title.
Web Links
A short list of carefully chosen links that are useful when studying this topic. Wikipedia articles should be included as the first entry. The remaining links should be to resources which exist uniquely on the web. Do not link to sermons, dictionary articles, or other general textual resources unless they are very unique and significant. The purpose is to present a few excellent web resources on the topic, not to present all the results of a Google search. The “Mahalo Top 7” for topics at http://www.mahalo.com are a good model, though not all of those links will be appropriate.
Key Passages
A semicolon separated list of key Bible passages related to this topic. This may not be an exhaustive list, and many topics don’t need any list at all. A key passage is usually the passage which defines or describes the topic. The key passage for the ark of the covenant, for example, would be Ex 25:10-22, where it is introduced and described, but not every subsequent reference to the ark.

Topic pages should have

{{?set category::topic}}

just below the title.

Example Topic Page Below

Feast of Tabernacles

Alternate Labels

  • Festival of Tabernacles
  • Sukkoth
  • Sukkot

Key Passages

  • Lev 23:33-44

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