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  • Church documents:Divine Science Federation International
  • New thought church documents

Reading List

Reading list

  • Divine Science-Its Principle and Practice by Malinda E. Cramer and Fannie B. James
  • Ciencia Divina – Principio Y Practica by Malinda E. Cramer
  • Divine Science and Healing by Malinda E. Cramer
  • Studies in Divine Science by Mrs. C. L. Baum
  • Individual Responsibility by Daisy M. (Mrs. C. L.) Baum
  • Hidden Harmony by Malinda E. Cramer
  • Excerpts from Harmony: Come Unto Me (3-volume set) by Malinda E. Cramer
  • Early History of Divine Science by Louise McNamara Brooks
  • Mysteries by Nona L. Brooks
  • In The Light Of Healing: Sermons by Nona L. Brooks, compiled by Patricia Zarlengo
  • Short Lessons in Divine Science by Nona L. Brooks
  • Dawning Truth by Fannie B. James
  • Selected Bible Readings compiled by Fannie B. James
  • Truth and Health by Fannie B. James
  • The Divine Science Way by Irwin Gregg
  • Faith and Works by Helen Zagat
  • Science of Living by Rev. JoAnn P. & Cecil Corsiatto
  • Emmet Fox: His Life Story by Rev. JoAnn P. & Cecil Corsiatto
  • Record of Myself by Malinda E. Cramer
  • Healing by the Christ Method by Malinda E. Cramer
  • Harmony Pamphlet
  • The Prayer That Never Fails by Nona L. Brooks
  • Studies in Health by Nona L. Brooks
  • The Kingdom of the Law by Nona L. Brooks
  • Inspirational Meditations by Irwin Gregg and Donald Perry
  • Jesus Christ by Irwin Gregg
  • Excerpts of Sermon Lessons by Irwin Gregg
  • I Am In His Presence by Max Ballard
  • Become As Little Children by Elsie MacKay
  • Prayer-Meditations by Carrie F. Munz
  • Christ In You by Anna L. Palmer
  • Winning Freedom by Florence Ritchie
  • The Kingdom Is Ours by Dr. Robert Winterhalter
  • Bridge Builders of Truth by Dr. David S. Alkins
  • Sermon Lessons by Rev. Mary Rezentes
  • Be Not Afraid by Barbara Wolf, Practitioner
  • God Is by Barbara Wolf, Practitioner
  • Thank You
  • Christmas Light
  • Prayers of Praise by Helen Zagat

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