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Take note of 3 things on the Apophis Asteroid Article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99942_Apophis

* It has a near earth orbit once ever 7 years.
* When Apophis does come close to the earth it Passes Over around Easter/Passover.
* Apophis is predicted to come very close to the Earth around Passover 2029 and may hit in 2036.

Key Passages

Daniel 9:24-27 Where given a timeframe of 70 weeks of years, one near earth orbit of Apophis is 7 years. So what where they basing the weeks of years if not the orbit of Apophis.
Daniel 9:24-27 The time frame was 7 weeks of years Jerusalem would be rebuilt, 62 weeks of years Christ would be crucifed and then in time the final week of years before the rapture. The final week is the final 7 year orbit of Apophis before it crashes into the earth Revelation 8:8 and Daniel 2:34-35.
When Christ was cut off Daniel 9:26 (crucified) after 62 weeks of years at PASSOVER (note when Apophis comes close to the earth it passes over around Passover/Easter every 7 years) what happened was it got dark and the earth shook Matthew 27:45-53 and what would cause something like that to occur but something big enough to block the suns light and something travelling fast and close enough to the earth to shake it in that area and we know it was no jet plane because they were invented then. What else would it be except Apophis wizzing past.
Remember the first Passover, it was also dark. Exodus 10.22

Exodus 10:22 | The New International Version

Matthew 27:45 | The New International Version

Daniel 9:25 | The New International Version

Daniel 2:34 | The New International Version

Revelation 8:8 | The New International Version

Daniel 9:24 | King James Version

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Enoch is alive because God took him. Genesis 5:24

 Genesis 5:24 | New Century Version

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