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  • Chiasmus

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Recommendations from X-files

  • The Structure of Paul’s Letters by Robert Arthur Bailey
  • The Shape of Biblical Language by John Breck
  • Scripture in Tradition: The Bible and its Interpretation in the Orthodox Church by John Breck
  • The Literary Structure of the Old Testament by David Dorsey
  • Preaching Mark by Robert S. Reid
  • Poet & Peasant and Through Peasant Eyes by Kenneth E. Bailey
  • The Literary Development of John 13–17: A Chiastic Reading by Wayne Brouwer
  • Divine Symmetries: The Art of Biblical Rhetoric by Victor Wilson
  • Chiasmus in the Pauline Letters by Ian H. Thomson
  • Chiasmus in the New Testament: A study in the Form and Function of Chiastic Structures by Nils W. Lund
  • Chiasmus in Antiquity: Structures, Analyses, Exegesis edited by John W. Welch
  • Chiasmus Bibliography edited by John W. Welch & Daniel B. McKinlay
  • Never Let a Fool Kiss You or a Kiss Fool You by Dr. Marcy Grothe

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