CSS: Gospel of Matthew

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Lesson 1 Jesus: Son of David, Son of Abraham (Mt 1:1-25)

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Blessed Sacrament supplements

  • Matthew 1 | Catena Aurea: Commentary on the Four Gospels, Collected out of the Works of the Fathers, Volume 1: St. Matthew

Lesson 2 In Pursuit of the King (Mt 2:1–23)

Lesson 3 Repentance and Divine Sonship (Mt 3:1–17)

Lesson 4 Temptation in the Wilderness (Mt 4:1–25)

Lesson 5 Attitudes and Actions of God’s Children (Mt 5:1–48)

Lesson 6 Relating to Our Heavenly Father (Mt 6:1–34)

Lesson 7 Judging, Prayer, and Obedience (Mt 7:1–29)

Lesson 8 Love in Action: A Sermon Comes Alive (Mt 8:1–34)

Lesson 9 Physician of Souls and Bodies (Mt 9:1–38)

Lesson 10 God’s All-Out Search-and-Rescue Effort (Mt 10:1–42)

Lesson 11 Taking on the Yoke of the King (Mt 11:1–30)

Lesson 12 Lord of the Sabbath (Mt 12:1–50)

Lesson 13 Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt 13:1–58)

Lesson 14 Learning to Walk in the Supernatural Life (Mt 14:1–36)

Lesson 15 Jesus Encounters Traditional Problems (Mt 15:1–39)

Lesson 16 The Rock, the Keys, and the Stumbling Stone (Mt 16:1–28)

Lesson 17 Fulfilling the Law and the Prophets (Mt 17:1–27)

Lesson 18 Children of the Covenant Family (Mt 18:1–35)

Lesson 19 Marriage, Divorce, and the Consecrated Life (Mt 19:1–30)

Lesson 20 Understanding the Father’s Love (Mt 20:1–34)

Lesson 21 The Lamb of God Comes into Jerusalem (Mt 21:1–46)

Lesson 22 The Two Great Commandments (Mt 22:1–46)

Lesson 23 Jesus Laments over Jerusalem (Mt 23:1–39)

Lesson 24 Signs of the Close of the Age (Mt 24:1–51)

Lesson 25 Parables of the Coming King (Mt 25:1–46)

Lesson 26 Jesus Inaugurates the Eucharist (Mt 26:1–75)

Lesson 27 Death of the Messiah (Mt 27:1–66)

Lesson 28 He Has Risen as He Said (Mt 28:1–20)

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