Baptist Covenant Theology

  • Benjamin Keach | The Display of Glorious Grace; or, The Covenant of Peace, Opened
  • Benjamin Keach | The Everlasting Covenant: A Sweet Cordial for a Drooping Soul
  • Nehemiah Coxe | A Discourse of the Covenants That God Made with Man before the Law
  • Isaac Backus | A Short Description of the Difference between the Bond-Woman and the Free, as They Are the Two Covenants, 2nd ed.
  • John Spilsbery | A Treatise concerning the Lawful Subject of Baptism, 2nd ed.
  • _____________ | Truth Vindicated, in Several Branches thereof, and Many Objections Fairly and Soberly Answered
  • Cary Philip | A Just Reply to Mr. John Flavell’s Arguments, by Way of Answer to a Discourse
  • Samuel Fisher | Baby-Baptism Meer Babism; or An Answer to Nobody
  • Paul Hobson | The Fallacy of Infants Baptisme Discovered; or, Five Arguments, to Prove That Infants Ought Not to Be Baptized
  • Edward Hutchinson | A Treatise concerning the Covenant and Baptism: Dialogue-wise, between a Baptist & a Poedo-Baptist
  • Robert Purnell | A Little Cabinet: Richly Stored with All Sorts of Heavenly Varieties, and Soul-Reviving Influences
  • Andrew Ritor | A Treatise of the Vanity of Childish-Baptisme: Wherein the Deficiency of the Baptisme of the Church of England is Considered in Five Particulars Thereof
  • Andrew Ritor | The Second Part of the Vanity & Childishnes of Infants Baptisme

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