Abelard, Peter

Type: Person

Alternate Labels

  • Peter Abelard
  • Peter Abélard
  • Petrus Abaelardus
  • Petrus Abailardus
  • Pierre Abélard

Key Passages

Reading List




  • Logica ‘ingredientibus’
  • Dialectica
  • Introductiones parvulorum
  • Logica ‘nostrorum petitioni sociorum’
  • Tractatus de intellectibus
  • Sententiae secundum Magistrum Petrum


  • Ethica seu Scito teipsum, “Ethics, or, Know Yourself.”
  • Collationes a.k.a. Dialogus inter Philosophum, Iudaeum, et Christianum
  • Carmen ad Astralabium

Philosophical theology

  • Theologia ‘summi boni’
  • Theologia christiana
  • Theologia ‘scholarium’
  • Expositio orationis dominicae
  • Expositio symboli Apostolorum
  • Expositio fidei in symbolum Athanasii
  • Hexaëmeron
  • Commentaria in Epistolam Pauli ad Romanos
  • Soliloquium
  • Problemata Heloïssae cum Petri Abaelardi solutionibus
  • Sic et non


  • Grammatica
  • Rhetorica
  • commentary on Ezekiel

Anthologies and Studies

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