Abegg, Martin G. Jr.

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  • Martin G. Abegg, Jr.

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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible | The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible with Peter Flint and Eugene Ulrich
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls - Revised Edition by Michael O. Wise, Martin G. Abegg, Jr., Edward M. Cook

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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance: The Non-Biblical Texts from Qumran (Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance, 1) (v. 1) by Martin G. Abegg, James E. Bowley, Edward M. Cook and Emanuel Tov

Recent publication from Trinity Western University site

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  • “Halakhic Letter,” in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible Forthcoming
  • “4Q285/11Q14” in The Dictionary of Early Judaism Forthcoming

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